BMW Service

BMWs have been the ultimate display of elegance and class. Given the price they come with, it should go without saying that you should treat a BMW like a baby, regularly checking up on its condition. BMW service should follow a maintenance schedule to expand its lifespan that is why at Continental Murrumbeena, we provide all-round service. Treat your BMW to our:

Latest automotive technology

With constant advancement in technology, the car industry is also changing rapidly. New techniques for repair and maintenance are coming up every day. We, therefore, invest in the latest technology and ensure our mechanics are always in the know with any new techniques by taking them through regular training programs.

Great customer service

Customer service is all about communication and our personnel understand that not everyone knows technical jargon. We, therefore, talk to you in layman terms to ensure you can comprehend what the problem is with your car, and what you need to do to fix it.

Certified technicians

You do not want to leave your BMW in the hands of a mechanic who does not have certification from all relevant bodies. We, therefore, ensure that all mechanics get the necessary certifications to make sure your car receives the professional service it needs.

High standards of integrity

Many mechanics will charge for unnecessary repairs here and there and fleece you of your money before adequately fixing the car. At Continental Murrumbeena, we uphold high standards of integrity and put honesty on a pedestal to win the loyalty of our customers. Most of our clients are referrals from family and friends who vouch for us!

Strong work ethic

Our mechanics are passionate about their job and hold a strong work ethic. They are quick to solve your car’s issues and provide timely maintenance services to your BMW.

Call us to find out our wide range of BMW service. You may also email us at or fill an enquiry form.