Volvo Service

Like any car, longevity is key in a Volvo and to this end, the car requires constant servicing and repairs. The problem with taking your car to inexperienced service providers is that some end up wrecking your Volvo, while others (who have a special place in hell) steal parts from your vehicle. Looking for a place to take your Volvo for servicing? Here is why you should consider visiting Continental Murrumbeena for service on your Volvo.

Continental Murrumbeena: The Premier Volvo Service Centre

Continental Murrumbeena is the leading Volvo service shop in Murrumbeena. This is not just a brag, our work backs up the statement. We have years of experience working on Volvo cars regardless of the make or model. So whether your Volvo is a sedan, 4WD, SUV, or wagon, you can rest assured that at Continental Murrumbeena, your car is in good hands.

We’re Gentle on Your Volvo

We know that all Volvo cars demand specialized attention and so our certified and experienced mechanics will ensure that your Volvo car is accorded with five-star treatment while in our facility. Our facility features diagnostic machines with cutting-edge technology to prevent being intrusive on your Volvo. If you have the time, stick around and witness just how careful we are when repairing and servicing your Volvo.

Your Car Gets a Fresh New Look

Plus, we’ll provide your Volvo car with a complimentary carwash after it has been serviced. Featuring the latest technology, our carwash will remove all stubborn stains in those hard-to-reach areas of your Volvo that are too much for your ordinary carwash. That way, your Volvo hits the road looking like the rock-star that it is.

Our Prices are Just Right

You would think that this exquisite service will be worth a small fortune. But not to worry because Continental Murrumbeena cares about your finances. While we know that you’ll spare no cost in taking care of your Volvo car, we also see no reason in charging you with unreasonable prices.