Mercedes Service

If you love class and luxury, then you have not lived to fulfil your tastes until you drive a Mercedes-Benz. With a slogan reading “the best or nothing”, you cannot expect anything less than perfection from this brand of vehicles. Due to this reputation of high quality, Mercedes-Benz is now among the most popular cars in the world. However, regardless of how good the car is, if you want it to perform optimally, you must service it regularly.

Continental Murrumbeena Superstore is the go-to shop for all Mercedes services you may need. Among the many reasons your Mercedes is safe in our hands, are: Qualified mechanics

A car is as good as the handiwork work of the mechanic. Our mechanics have all relevant certifications in the field of mechanical repairs. Besides, we ensure they update themselves with new skills so that your vehicle gets the attention it deserves.

High-tech equipment

Without the necessary equipment, diagnosing the problem with your car can be challenging. We, therefore, have the latest equipment in the market to facilitate fixing the vehicle thus saving you time and money.

Thorough inspections

We aim to uphold the excellent brand reputation. Consequently, we conduct thorough checks to diagnose any problems and issue you with a sufficiently detailed report.

High-quality spare parts

Our Mercedes service incorporates installing spare parts in your vehicle. We source the highest quality spare parts that supersede the set standards to save you the headache of frequent breakdowns.

Excellent customer service

The customer experience you get at our dealership will make you comfortable enough to explain your problem. Our customer relations personnel are patient and respond promptly to your concerns.

So, are you tired of getting wacky repairs in your Mercedes and need professionals to assist you? Contact Continental Murrumbeena by sending an email through or fill an enquiry form. You can also give us a call at 03 9579 0007 and see what we have in store for your Mercedes-Benz.