SAAB Service

Granted, SAAB shut down its manufacturing plant years ago. But that has done little to the rising popularity of SAAB cars in Melbourne. There just something about cars from this Swedish manufacturer that make them irresistible. We’re sure you know this first-hand since you own a SAAB car. Another thing you must now know about SAAB cars is that they require service and repairs from experts.

Where To Take Your SAAB For Service

At Continental Murrumbeena, we share your passion for SAAB cars and have, over the years, learned so much about SAAB cars and the type of services these special cars require. Our expert mechanics know exactly what parts of the car need to be checked on, and are assisted by the advanced tools in our facility to work on your SAAB car. Our new diagnostic machines come in handy is identifying any issues with your engine. We’ll also check the condition of your SAAB’s auto transmission, clutch, seat belts, cooling system, and air pressure to name a few.

Wheel Alignment and Tire Services

The service is not restricted to what’s under the hood of your SAAB. We also offer computerized wheel alignment on your car so that the wheels are positioned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. While working on the wheels, we’ll also ensure the tires are checked for any wear and tear and be repaired or replaced.

SAAB Service That Puts A Smile on Your Face

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and we’ll go out of our way to ensure that our clients are pleased with our work. And our work goes beyond the confines of our facility in Murrumbeena. We also offer you with technical assistance on any of the queries concerning your SAAB car through our customer care service. So, don’t hesitate with any questions. Give us a call on (03) 9579 0007.