Volkswagen Service

If you own a Volkswagen, then you are driving one of the top brands in the vehicle industry. However, for you to enjoy this classic experience for a long time, you must take care of your car. Therefore, invest in excellent regular Volkswagen servicing which you can only find in Continental Murrumbeena Superstore. Our shop prides itself in:

Professional staff

You can only entrust your precious machine to people who have all the necessary knowledge about cars. At Continental Murrumbeena, we have highly-trained mechanics with years of experience to get your car back in shape.

Affordable prices

No need to rob a bank to receive Volkswagen service at our dealership. Repairing a car, as well as routine maintenance can be unreasonably expensive unless you find a dealer who has your interests at heart. We keep your pockets in mind and charge you competitive costs to have you become a repeat client.


Always rely on us to service your car, whenever you need it. We put you first and ensure you do not suffer inconveniences from poor services. We guarantee to be dependable partners in your Volkswagen journey.

Modern technology

Technology is ever evolving, and we keep up with the latest trends to ensure your Volkswagen gets the best there is on the market.

Quality spare parts

We treat your Volkswagen with the elegance it deserves by replacing broken down parts with the highest quality spare parts. Besides being top quality, our spare parts meet the relevant standards to ensure your vehicle runs effectively.

Variety of services

Besides selling spare parts and servicing our vehicle, we also sell different types of tyres for your car. Moreover, we offer you discounts where you receive instant cash back at the time of purchase.

Contact us via our email address, or just fill an enquiry form. Feel free to browse our and learn more about us. Who knows, you may find some discounts are available.