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No matter how cautiously you drive, your vehicle needs maintenance service on a regular basis. Here at Continental Murrumbeena, we have been providing top notch car service to our customers across Ormond and nearby suburbs. Our mechanics are trained on the latest automotive technology and use state of the art tools to provide quality service at competitive prices.

car service & repairs

Our Range Of Services Includes

General Car Services Ormond:

From simple oil change to preventative maintenance and complete engine overhaul, we will provide a full range of car services at competitive prices. Our experienced mechanics have the skills and equipment to identify what has gone wrong with your vehicle and fix it right away, ensuring that your vehicle is not off the road for a long time.

Tyres Ormond:

We supply a fantastic range of tyres from world’s leading brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone, Continental and much more under one roof. In addition, we also provide a wide array of tyre related services including tyre balancing, tyre rotation, tyre inspection, tyre replacement and flat tyre repairs to the industry standard.

Wheel Alignment Ormond:

If you notice irregular tyre wear or your car is pulling to one side, bring in your car to Continental Murrumbeena for wheel alignment. Our mechanics give you expert advice and perform wheel alignment as per manufacturer’s specifications. We make sure that you vehicle is given the utmost care and close attention to detail during the alignment process.

Roadworthy Certificate Ormond:

To obtain a roadworthy certificate for your used vehicle, all its safety components such as brake system, steering & suspension, lights & reflectors, seats & seatbelts, windows and windscreen should be in tip-top condition. Our mechanics check all these parts and issue the certificate if your vehicle passes the roadworthy test.

Need professional help with fine tuning your vehicle? Don’t hesitate to call (03) 9579 0007 and talk to our experts. We will evaluate your auto repair needs and provide outstanding services.

 Tyres for All Makes & Models

Mercedes tyres Ute tyres Kia tyres Goodyear tyres
BMW tyres 4X4 tyres AMG tyres Michelin tyres
Porsche tyres ford falcon tyres Peugeot tyres Pirelli tyres
Maserati tyres Four Wheel Drive tyres Citroen tyres Hankook tyres
Toyota tyres Mazda CX5 tyres Aston Marten tyres Toyo tyres
Holden tyres Mazda 3 tyres Dodge tyres Yokohama tyres
Nissan tyres Hyundai ix35 tyres Range Rover tyres Michelin tyres
Renault tyres Hyundai ix30 tyres Land Rover tyres Pirelli tyres
Ferrari tyres Mazda SP25 tyres Fiat tyres Sumitomo tyres
Benz tyres Toyota Camry tyres Volvo tyres Maxxis tyres
HSV tyres Subaru Forester tyres Chrysler tyres BFGoodrich tyres
Jeep tyres Suzuki Swift tyres Renault tyres Kumho tyres
Audi tyres Holden Captiva tyres Daihatsu tyres Cooper tyres
Volkswagen tyres Toyota Kluger tyres Jaguar tyres Mickey Thompson tyres
Honda tyres Volkswagen Polo tyres Daewoo tyres Austone tyres
Isuzu tyres South East tyres Alfa Romeo tyres GT-radial tyres
Lexus tyres Tyres near me Citroen tyres Nankang tyres
Mazda tyres Cheap tyres Hummer tyres Falken tyres
Mitsubishi tyres Premium tyres Isuzu Ute tyres Firestone tyres
Subaru tyres Quality tyres McLaren tyres Achilles tryes
Suzuki tyres Budget tyres Maybach tyres Nitto tyres
Ford tyres Bridgestone tyres Infiniti tyres General tyre
Bentley tyres Continental tyres Commodore tyres Zeta tyres
Mini Coop tyres Dunlop tyres Mazzini tyres Goodride tyres
Winrun tyres

Car Services Includes

Brake pads Wheel Alignment
Car battery Wheel balancing
Guard rooling Tyre fitting and balancing
Car mechanical services Oil change
Car roadworthy certificate Car repair
Tyre repair Tyre safety
Logbook service Brake service & repairs
Clutch repairs & replacement Transmission service & repairs
Car aircon service & repairs Auto electrical services

Brands We Serve

Audi Service
BMW Service
Mercedes Service
Peugeot Service
SAAB Service
Volvo Service
Volkswagen Service
Prestige Car Service
All Makes & Models