Continental ContiSportContact 2 265/35ZR19 98Y XL FR SPC 2 AO

Price: $489

Buy 3 tyres ($1467) and get the forth one for FREE!

*Fitting and balancing $15 each tyre

*Fitting and balancing for the forth tyre $15

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Ultra-high performance tyre with premium gripping traction for confident cornering. Kim Adams’ Verdict: “I have driven this tyre on everything from a Porsche 911 to a 350bhp Ford Mustang at tracks as diverse as a soaking handling circuit and the home of the Spanish GP but whatever the conditions it remains mightily impressive. With powerful machines like these you need a progressive tyre that gives plenty of warning when the limit is being approached and the SportContact2 delivers in both dry and wet inspiring you to use all the performance available.” Kim Adams writes for Auto Express magazine Speed Index: V/W/Y/Z Rim diameter in inches: 16 – 21 Tyre Width: 205 – 295 Series: 55 – 30

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