5 Signs Of Engine Damage You Should Be Aware

A well-oiled engine always ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. If your engine is facing a hard time, you get these signs before it breaks down. Are you hearing that whirring sound louder than normal? Or else sensing any burnt smell? It might be the symptoms of engine damage which needs immediate attention. Here in this blog, we help you look for five important signs of an engine malfunction.

 Engine Producing Whirring Sound

Is your vehicle producing weird whirring sound while running? It could be the damaged exhaust system on the engine; usually, it is the energy converter which creates loud noises. Other than this, there are numerous gaskets and seals attached on the engine exhaust system; it may have worn out. Instead of spending huge money on replacing the engine, you could get an engine transmission service from Continental Murrumbeena.

 Car shaking while Running

Is your car shaking violently during turning? It could be a severe engine malfunction. Sudden sparks from the plugs also, could be the reason for the engine repair. It is safe to get inspected by an expert car mechanic Murrumbeena to rectify your timing belt, engine fuel intake system, and the motor mounts attached to it. Otherwise, you will end up in serious trouble.


Despite the hot climate conditions, if your vehicle gets over-heated suddenly; it might be the symptom to know that your engine is in a bad condition. If this often happens, it is time to hire a reputed car repair service to handle your engine problems.

 Oil leaks from the Car

The most common symptom is when you see the black oil puddles under your parked vehicle. It is a serious symptom and you need to immediately troubleshoot the problem with the help of an experienced car mechanic. Loosened nuts or bolts can also result in oil leaks.

 Smoke from the car

An unfortunate sign though, the reason for smoke coming from the vehicle could be a clogged air filter or combustion due to an oil leak, no matter whatever colour the smoke appears, you should take your smoking engine for an engine transmission service.

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